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White River Fishing Report 5/25/16

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Minimum flow. 600 CFS. 8 mph wind from the south. Air temp mid 70's. Cloudy.

water much more stained than usual from recent heavy rains. Visibility of about 18 inches. 

I caught them. Took the Coosa and paddled upstream. I threw 1/16 oz Zig Jigs. I could catch them on Triple Olive. I got smart and switched to a Brown/Orange for higher visibility. Zero fish. Zero bites. Nothing nada zip. I gave it multiple tries just to prove a point. I could throw the triple olive and get bit swap and get no bites. This happened three times. The bite on triple olive would be first or second cast. I would give brown Orange 10 casts. 

I fished 2 1/2 hours after work. I caught 32 including a fat and angry 18 inch Brown. He  Jumped clear of the water 4 times. I was laughing out loud. What a hoot.

I had a lot of other chances and lost a dozen fish I had hooked. Never lost a jig, but that triple olive one is looking pretty rough. It's caught 40 plus fish at this point. 

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I almost want to stop reading trip reports.  Sounds like a good outing.

Today my wife asked me if I bought a boat the other day...had to tell her it sold.

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I'm sorry that it sold, but there will be another deal out there. No need to rush. 

Like I said, just give me a holler when You are in the area. 

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