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Phil Lilley

No Generation on Taney Today

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No water running today on Taney.  Schedule says some will be coming on at 4 pm.

Nice for wading below the dam, boats will have a tough time getting past the Narrows, especially if there's a bunch of boats there fishing.  

Be nice on the water.

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2 hours ago, Travis Swift said:

I hope they run 4 units this week so I can get to the cable:)

You're in the minority :) 

One is good enough for that.

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Guided Friday, Sunday and Monday.  With 2 units on Friday morning the fishing was excellent from Fall Creek to Short Creek.  We had 29 extremely nice fish on a Trout Magnet in Salmon color.

Sunday with the water off, I fished the restricted zone from about the narrows down to Fall Creek, with a very good hand with a fly rod.  Almost zero boats except 4 guide boats.  Kirby, boated 43 up to 18 inches on a TJ Micro in Ginger with a Copper head.  This is a size 14 or in jig speak 256 oz.

There was a blanket of moss on the surface that seemed to roll as you eased thru it.  You had to find open water to present your fly or it would just be covered instantly.

Monday saw me back to the restricted zone starting at Lookout with the water off.  It was extremely low and there were wade fishermen completely across the lake to Lookout island and they were walking back and forth from Point Royal over to the Island.

Again the Moss was pretty much like a blanket covering the lake.  There were holes however and Brian and Ken placed their cast into these.  Again we were using the TJ. Micro in Copper Ginger.  Surface temp was 53 degree on the flat water.  the Boys  boated close to 40 fish each,   We fished from 5:30 to 9 AM and were the only boat in the restricted zone.  I have never seen this in 25 plus years on the lake this time of the year.  Lots and lots of big fish.  Most in the 13.5 to 16.5 range and they are really thick and just full of brown to Ginger scuds.  Some of the bugs I'm going to say were at least size 12 maybe even pushing 10's

Everyday is different, when they start running the juice again, it may get tougher than a boot with moss moving.  I personally have not noticed any change in the water color.  Our fish when coming to the net are really not visible until they are close in and even in 3' of water you cannot see the bottom.  Still pretty dingy, but the fish are munching.

Good Luck

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