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Most I have seen are colored with the natural barring.  Probably just a combination of Rit Dyes.  Soak them in Dawn dish detergent to remove the oils to allow them to take the Dyes.

Bleach would only make them white and brittle.

Tan a few hides and make some mini zonker strips.

Collecting tails and fur this time of year will not have the same amount of hair on them as they do in the fall.  You have to wait for good cold weather to get good fur.

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Squirrel tail hair is slick and doesn't soak up color very well.  Not sure how companies like Wapsi get them dyed but I'm gonna say that you'll be money and hassle ahead to just buy them.  Seriously, how many flys do you expect to go through?  Squirrel tails from Wapsi or Hareline are cheap as hell. 

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