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Taylor Park Reservoir

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Each year some buddies of mine and I head for Gunnison National Forest in Colorado to do a weeks worth of dirtbike  riding. (I have actually only been once due to kids and other life events).  I've been telling my youngest brother (who does not do the dirtbike thing) for the last couple of years that even though he doesn't ride, he should still go out with us and pack along his fishing gear. We'll this year I finally got him on board!  Now I'm thinking there is no way I'm not bringing my fishing stuff since I will have a fellow fisherman with me. Im sure as much as I do love to fish I will still spend most of my time riding but I would like to take a day or so to do some fishin.  We both would really like to catch a pike out of our kayaks!!! Wishfull thinking? I don't know but I'm sure going to give it my best.  Now the question is how do I go about it? My big swim baits and my bbz-1 rat 50 be decent lures?  Ive never chased northern pike before but always wanted to. We will will be camping near and fishing at Taylor Park Reservoir. I've been doing my research on the lake (2000acres) and some research on pike fishing but i just wanted to hear some of your input.  If Anyone knows anything about this lake or can give me any pike pointers it would be awesome. From what I can remember there is not much structure there so I'm not sure how to go about finding them.  Oh ya....August 1-6 is when we will be going.

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