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First solo canoe trip

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That river was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.  Me and a buddy floated it and fished it hard high and low and maybe caught 10 between the two of us.   I did everything that was suggested and I figured we would catch a ton but man that river fishes tough! It was especially scary not knowing where were were at times.  I could have sworn that we were fishing in a constant circle because that river snakes so much in such short distances.

I packed everything but the kitchen sink when I floated that river too!  The only thing I forgot was straps for one of our kayaks for the ride back from the second car.  That means I had to put one on the roof and another one jammed into my hatch.  I still have gravel dust all over my car from it! 


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So admittedly, I am not a boat restoration guy by trade.  I am a chef.  I can make a broken fiberglass canoe float again, no matter the damage.  It may never look like a canoe again, but it will float.  So, I'm done patching the bad spots.  I began laying the matting and the resin.  Things got away from me as they usually do.  


It will float.



My 12 year old daughter said, "In case of emergency, break fiberglass".

20160711_184807 (1).jpg

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