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Buck Hollow at 75 CFS?

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OK so I am aware of all of the advice around river levels on the Jacks Fork.  I am wondering if anyone has actually floated this river in the current conditions. My son and I are going on a 2 night trip starting tomorrow and were hoping to do Buck Hollow to Bay Creek Thurs-Sat this week.  Current reading at Buck Hollow is 78CFS and Alley Spring is 3x that at 225CFS.  I figure Buck Hollow will be at 65-70CFS by tomorrow morning at the current drop rate.  We are skipping the Bay to Alley portion as I know that gets really low and wide.

We will be in a loaded canoe.  We know we will be doing some dragging but are wondering if we are going to be walking 1/2 the river at that rate or just the occasional riffle that we have to walk.  Given the increased flow rate at Alley Spring I am hoping that after a few miles we will be seeing enough extra water from creeks, etc....

Our alternative would be the Current River which would be nice but we would really like to float the upper Jack's Fork. 



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Well the river was very cooperative.  Put in on Thursday at about 11AM and the water was perfect.  I did have to get out and push 1/2 dozen times to get us over riffles but nothing to complain about as there were 2 of us in a loaded canoe.

We floated from 17 bridge to Bay Creek.  We caught a BUNCH of small mouth and some Goggle Eye.  We lost count but I bet my son caught 50+ fish in 2 days.  Most 8-12" but some in the 15" range.  All caught on a plastic worm. 

The rain was no problem and we were out Friday night so were spared the misery of the cold rain Saturday morning.  It was kind of nice to get the shower overnight on Thursday.

My pictures are on the phone still but thanks to GreasyB for pushing us to go for it...we weren't disappointed.

There was one small incident where I almost sliced my finger off...lot's of blood... but I was prepared with my first aid kit and it is healing just fine thank you!!!  The real message in this is to be sure you have a GOOD first aid kit as you don't know what can happen...in my case I DO know how stupid I can be sometimes so I came prepared for said stupidity.

Oh, and make sure your tetanus shots are up to date!




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