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Fluorescent Bulb vs Led Blacklight

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4 hours ago, Hazbin said:

GNS,  Thank a lot. What did that 150 yrd. cost?  You said it's pretty hard to find,  like on e bay,  can't find it locally- Cabelas or BP? Are you using regular tube blacklights?

I've tried BP and haven't tried Cabelas but could not find it at BP. I don't remember what I gave for it I bet it is less than $20 shipped. I use a regular tube uv light, looks like the regular Stren mono florescent under uv light and the white color is great for day time. 

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6 hours ago, GNSfishing said:


Stren Braid.JPG

this is what I have fished with for several years now.  they did take it off the market for a while but thankfully have came back out with it.  when they previously quit making it, I found a 3000 yd spool and bought it.  you can go to stren.com and buy it straight from stren.  I do not bother using a leader and just tie straight to the bait, daytime or night time.


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