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Below the park 8/8

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Just started fishing below the park and found, for me tough conditions. Not that the fish were not biting but the weather threw me a major curve. Because of the humidity, My glasses were fogged up so badly I could not see well enough to tie a fly on. The trout were hitting midges and I am told a mayfly. I caught fish but on large flies which meant I could not fish the flies I might have. And then it started raining. The weather predictions I saw said an 8% chance of rain. It rained for what seemed like an hour, a steady rain that left me soaked because who needs rain gear with a 8% chance of rain. Actually, I found it pretty funny. I caught some nice fish including one that went 16 or 17 inches and several in the 15 and below. If anyone has a cure for foggy eyewear I would love to hear it. I have to go back down to the Current and do not want to go thru that sightless ordeal again. 

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