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Bucks Only On Public Land Macon County

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I'm pretty sure the CA near me had been antlered deer only during firearms season for a few/several years. I don't hunt there so it is just 'I think I saw that notice' running through my head. One of the drawbacks of that sales tax is that it gives all the city/non-hunters/non-fishing people equal input to wildlife management. Bambi lovers pay those taxes. Bird watchers would rather we didn't hunt public land at all, like the wild undeveloped state parks land is managed. I'm told that horse backers and bird watchers are the primary users of the CA near me.

I've never met an agent that was a biologist. All the enforcement types we get are cops. Don't think many of them hunt or fish either.

Most of the time when you call an MDC office you talk to a phone receptionist that has no training in either wildlife, forestry or enforcement- They have stacks of information and know how to find things on the computer to answer general question. But if you want to talk to a knowledgeable person you will need to have a name of a biologist or forester and ask to speak to that named person.  sorta like if you call the Ford dealership you don't talk to the design engineer  or the CEO of Ford Motor Co. MDC has many more hourly labor types working than they have scientists or cops. 

The best/fastest way I have found to get accurate info on something that is unclear is to use the "contact us" email on the website' the question will be routed to the person in Jeff city that has real answers and usually takes one day- big deal here is I can print that answer off and carry it with me, it is official.


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The least accurate way to get information from any agency is to simply ask somebody who is wearing the uniform.  Most of them simply don't wok with the enforcement side of the huse and will give your their opinion, not fact.  Asking the right person or group is paramount to getting correct information.  I cannot count the number of times I have seen bogus information given out.

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