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Jimmy Johnson

Water level above Boiling Spring?

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9 hours ago, BassMaster#1 said:

How is the county road to Bell Chutes?  Hope it isn't as long and dirty as the Pay Down access.  I got off the water and had to head to the car wash......On a side note was talking to a local that lives off that county road and he said his nephew caught 22" in that stretch.  He also said if you go down river 2 miles you can't get through the river as there is a log across the river.  That area has some good looking water though.

The road to Bell Chute IS gravel but isn't as long as the road into Paydown.  The local is right about the running below Paydown.  We were through there three weeks ago when the river still had a little water in it and the running was pretty sketchy then. As Seth mentioned previously, the easiest running on the river right now is probably the Bell Chute area; followed by the Pointer's Creek area.  If you go up or down from Jerome, Paydown, or Rollins Ferry/89 you better know what you're doing.  

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