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Took the Ex-inlaws Fishing

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A couple years ago my wife Susie and I decided to take my ex in laws fishing. They love to trout fish but at the time they were both 82 and Gpa Lowell wasn't doing too good. Some of the OAF members from the Farmington area would know him as Smitty the barber. Both are really nice people as is my wife Susie who allows me to take them fishing. They had never been to Rockbridge and we decided that might be a good choice. They caught 7-8 fish and ex mother in law June had a couple fish pushing 3#  of which we took pictures of and she showed them to almost everybody in the county. Fast forward 3 years to this last Friday and here we go again. I had spooled new line on both of their fishing poles and had tied some marabou jigs and the weather forecast was perfect. Rockbridge was the choice again and I know some on the forum scoff at such places but now were looking at 85 year old folks so it was the best we could do. The day started off in a whirlwind as Gpa put their rods in the car and stuck Gma's rod into the framework of the moonroof on our Explorer and it looked like a broken rod would be the end result.Susie tried to remove and then I finally pulled hard enough that it was coming out or going to break and we got lucky. Now to the fishing and it got interesting. Gpa missed a couple of good fish right from the start and then hooked and landed two 16-17" bows. June and Susie went upstream only to come back shortly as June's old reel was messed up.They both reel like crazy when they catch a fish even if the fish is peeling drag off so we end up with line problems. We all ended upstream where Susie and I could C&R and also help them with line and hangup problems which were frequent. June, who can't swim a lick and is only 5' tall had some old boot foot waders on and walked out into 3' of water and started catching some fish.She had 3 nice fish on her stringer when a nice 18" fish hit and the fight was on. She got it close a couple times only for it to take line back out into the stream. The last time she got it close ,I politely said don't let it go between your legs which it did. She looked down and the fish on key swam right back out in front of her and her next step resulted in a swim. I picked her out of the water before her head went under and the first words out of her mouth were" I still got my fish on" . She changed in the car and 10" later was back to fishing. She also has decided that if she got to go again she would have Susie show her how to fly fish. They had enough fillets to make several dinners for them and we all really enjoyed the trip. Guess we will try another trip sometime in the near future.

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