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A real humbling experience on Saturday.  Started out the morning on lake 35.  Now I haven't been out there at all this year, but from the past years that I used to frequent this place, Sept and Oct are always great months to fish. 

Lake 35 always has a decent amount of vegetation in it, but by this time of the year its usually less, or it has sunk a bit.  But Saturday wasn't the case.  It is worse than I've ever seen it.  Besides the mess always on the trolling motor, it was tough casting around in the pockets of open water.  Needless to say I didn't stay that long.  I actually went around the lake twice, and only had one small fish on that got off a few yards from the boat.  And that was the only strike I got.

Packed up and went to Lake 34,  thought about Lake 33, but the wind was blowing pretty hard and I didn't want to fight it.  So I trolled around 34 a couple times with out a nibble.  Just getting ready to  pull the boat back in and I cast around some lily pads and got a little tap.  Made another cast and caught an 8" crappie.  Couple cast later about a 4" bass, and that was all she wrote. 

Don't think I was ever skunked on Lake 35, they probably need to throw in a handful of grass eaters in there.  Did see some a boat throwing for Musky.  Don't know if they had any success, they were on the far upper end when I decided to give it up.



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With this weather, the vegetation is just hanging on and dying very slowly.  They cut the boats early because of the lack of people coming out during the week. I don't think at the time anyone was expecting weather in the 80s on Halloween.  I know Ted would have liked to have them into November but he has to pay the bills too.  So far this fall, bank fishing has sucked.  The fish seem a bit confused with the water temp and are still holding very tight to cover.  Makes it very tough from the bank unless you are willing to lose a lot of tackle.  



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