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Hey guys, I'm new to fishing crane and have a few questions. First, how do you access the trestle bridge in the middle part of the creek? Second, I have been almost exclusively nymph fishing in the lower section  with 5x and 6x leaders under a very small indicator without any luck, I'm I doing something wrong? 

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Bryan crane is an awesome place so im glad you are getting out there. I fish it quite a bit and th. Trestlr bridge is accessed by parking at the ball fields and walking down the tracks toward down stream. Take path to the left and head dowb stream. remember stealth is super important and try to stayout of the water if at all possible. the next quarter mile has three great spots for smaller fish and a couple deep spots. Also ditch the indicator its better to let it sink Down to botyom and roll along. Remember that just because it looks like there are no fish doesnt meanbthey arent there. Weighted bh prince and twelve long buggers in olive work well. For dries beetle and elk hair cadis work good as do adams and humptys. Make seveal casts and if you dont get a fish move on. Thw farther you walk the better it gets. That includes the lower access. good luck and if you see a white stepside silverado say hi.

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