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Went to a decent spot I know on the big river  , ,  I was throwing flicker shad tiger stripecolor off the  bank  into an eddie created by the higher

water when   I  had a violent strike  it struck near the middle of my retrieve in  about 3 oe 4 foot of water  i think , at first I

thought it was a gar as it made some quick and HARD   runs right away  ,   I had also a couple of  follows

from gar  and they were surfacing in  front of me constantly  , after some battling and violent head

shakes the fish showed itself when it  jumped  darn near a  foot and half out of water and splashed

down like a heavy rock thrown from  shore  , my  heart  raced  at the sight of that brown  flash as it  

launched itself not once but twice  , ,   andrenaline surged as I fought the fish knowing I had something

big and brown     it wasn’t  a long fight , prolly  two mins  tops , I had to do the slow glide backward walk

eeasing the fish onto the shore   , I lipped the fish l and let out a  loud explicit cheer  i had a smallie in my

hands  that I knew might push 20 inches  , the adrenaline rush I had  from watching a massive smallie

jump 5 ft in front  me was top notch and had me trembling  ,        I couldn’t get a great picture  of the  fish

let alone   one on  top  of my measuring tape, it was hard enough getting my phone and tape measure  

out with one hand and fish in another , bc I didn’t want it flopping about on shore  . in the mayhem and rush of occurences  you could can see I could

hardly get a good picture =(.   Important thing is this beauty swam off intact   and It hit the  the magic

20” mark, my biggest smallie on lake or river by 2 inches  , the belly on this fish was what had me odling  , this was a 

thickkk an spunky fish , that will only continue to grow i know .   After releasing fish I sat down on shore  

and basked in beauty around us at all times  and the moment I just experienced,   the adrenaline was 

still pumping through me    I guess they’re could of  been another their but I had already cast that

area rigorously  for 2  hours before I I found that pot of gold   ,   I fed off the rush for ten or so moments  

,jus sitting back and experiencing and observing  the priceless ancient things around us   the leaves

swaying  in the wind  , rhythmic buzzing of sakadas , dragonflyw bunching on branches ,  ,   slowing down

and appreciating time .        celerabatry  thoughts ran rthrough my mind , i thought  that’s what the hell I do this for    ,   I sent some pics and celebratory texts to some fishing  friends and

family ,  , I then headed back where I came , as I had plans in town   I  caught  a 14 or 15 inch largemouth  along the away, this fish hit

on topwater , my first top water strike in a while for some reason . the ectasy that  these types of

experiences  produce  far out way  the gloom of some  hot  fishless snagged days and Moloch time one

gets sucked into in society .     ,  get your fall gear ready , theyre plumpin up .  



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