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 When I first start the motor for a day of fishing it's smokes an unbelievable amount of blue smoke. So much the other day I thought it was on fire. When I'm fishing during the day It rarely smokes just a little.  Is there something that needs adjustment or is it just the basic nature of a two-stroke engine?   Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated thanks. 

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There is a fine mesh screen either attached to, or directly under the O2 sensor.  When the screen is clogged with carbon it will cause the fuel management system to go rich.

It's always going to be 30% richer than default during a cold start.    If it smoothes out and idles fine once it is warmed up then the signal from the O2 sensor is likely the reason.   If it idles rough even after it is warm then the Throttle position sensor is either bad or mis-adjusted.  

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We are talking about a HPDI, correct?

HPDI= high pressure direct injection.

No carburetors.  It has a fuel management system, and one of the best ever designed IMO.   

No offense..... but just take it somewhere reputable for service If you're not more familiar with it than that.  If I'm correct in my guess then the end cost shouldn't be that much.  

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