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Went to the river yesterday and found the water brown with very little to no visibility. First time I have been there since early spring. The river has changed a lot. Went to the gravel parking lot and fished the back side of the island and downstream . The only thing I could get anything to bit on was a green san juan worm. Out of the 16 fish caught, half were trout and half were channel cats. They ranged from 6 inches to 15 inches. Was a little surprised when I caught the first one but after a couple you could tell right off if it was going to be a trout or catfish. First time I have caught any catfish there, did ODWC get a mixed lot of fish this last week. Has anyone else been there lately and had the same experience?

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That catfish thing is weird. I went a couple of weeks ago and it seems like the water keeps getting nastier. I was going to go up as close to the dam as I could to check the clarity up there, but ran out of time. I don't know if the water coming out of the bottom of the lake is off color, or if there is just a bunch of silt built up from the high water awhile back. The fishing was decent, but I sure miss the clearer water.

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After they sounded the horn we went down stream to about 1/2 mile above Gore Landing. The water was a lot clearer but we caught no fish. So I think the water being released is really brown. Because the it seemed a lot of the dirt settled out by the time the water got down that far.

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