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Ol Rock was never a Marine.

He was never awarded the Purple Heart. 

He was never married to a person of the opposite sex. More than once. 

He didn't have multiple children. 

Ok, so Rock was married once. 

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Rugby anecdote coming. Scroll down if you wish.

Tulsa Rugby club recruited a gym rat to play with us. One of those guys that decided where to shave his chest/neck/chin. John had muscles on his muscles. For the brief time Tulsa had a semi professional football team, the Oklahoma Outlaws, their poster had a picture of John's bicep.

After he had been with the club a while, his preferences became clear.  He invited young persons of transgender inclinations to attend our after game parties. We learned more. John had once attended the Air Force academy: however, he did not graduate.

In 1986 we elected him the club president. He was a man's man.

Funny. No one ever said a disparaging word.


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