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Flies for upper Gasconade

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Hi, everyone. I've been reading the forum for a while but just got signed up. I've found a lot of great information here so thanks to all of you.


I'll be doing a short float trip next weekend and am hoping to get in some fly fishing. Can anyone recommend some different patterns and colors? I'll be taking some black, olive, and orange (as well as combinations of the above colors) woolly buggers, weighted and unweighted; Clouser minnows in various colors; and a few other random patterns. 


As for which rod to take, I have a 5wt and an 8wt. Any recommendations on that? 



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I'd use the 8wt. Throw something white and  about 4 inches long over every log you see, pull the bait over the log and let drop on slack line until it disappears, on the the count of three set the hook. 

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