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Work has started at Baptist.

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17 minutes ago, Born to Fish said:

Hopefully there's no big rain events in the next 90 days!  There's a lot of fine material in that construction debris that could easily wash into the river.  There's already too many degraded areas on this stretch of river with too much silt/fine material  from human disturbance in the watershed.  They could do this work in a month, or less, if they really wanted to. 

Floods like we had earlier this year will just straighten out the river at Baptist.

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It was fine until the screwed Baptist up by developing that access 30 years ago. Used to be nothing but a gravel road leading to the water. Glad that road is gone. The bare spot will fill in soon enough. Cedar to Akers needs a ton of work in comparison to Baptist to Cedar. Can't think of many spots that I could not drive to in a 4x4 on the lower trout water.



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Work is proceeding pretty well. Hit a snag with the curbing along the road. NPS is saying it has to come out and it is 4 feet deep. The National hwy dept (or something like that) is doing the road work and has said they will pay to take it out. Work is still expected to be done by Christmas The concrete wall removal and grading is complete. 







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12 minutes ago, flyfishmaster said:

So with this construction going on, is there an area to park if you want to go fishin?





Yes. The floater parking lot at the bottom of the hill is open.

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