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Trip Report With A Few Pictures 11/3/2016

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After many years and countless miles and sub standard care, not to mention duct tape and caulk, the plastic finally gave out underneath the stern of my Penobscot 17. The corpulence of the owner , might, MIGHT, have been the culprit of the plastic's early demise. Boo hoo. Bought another Penobscot 17, used, but in excellent condition, this past Sunday. As I knew the Big was fishing pretty good, and was quite clear, and had a willing partner who took a vacation day from work, it was time to get the "new" water vessel wet.

Which we did, cnr (Mark) and I. On the middle portion of the Big. Weather was cloudy and calm, river fine. In fact, water temp was still in the 60s. Mark caught the first fish of the day on a topwater bait. He remarked, and seemed pleased, that he was the first to catch a fish in the new canoe. Broke the cherry he said. Well, judging by the size of that cheeseball fish, the canoe I'm sure felt nothing and continued floating feeling vaguely dissatisfied. Until I caught my first fish of the day, as pictured. On a fluke (shocking I know). Fishing was pretty steady the rest of the day, quite a few 13 14 15 inch fish caught, fat and feisty, Toward the end, I caught this largemouth. On a ned rig. Yes. A ned rig. Which I have dissed in the past. I figured a ned was just a different slider worm, a slump buster. But, I have been using it of late with pretty good success. Yes, a lot of dinks are caught. But also, a lot of really decent fish. It's an effective clear water tool. Anyway, here's yours truly with a couple of fish and cigars and dirty fishing shirt interrupted by a sizable paunch.





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Yes, it is quite a feat to make my thighs look even worse. Oy. And to think I was once a recruited athlete. 

Oh, the humanity!  OOOF!  OUCH! 

Still, like I tell all my women, " Hey, you might not be first, but you might be next!"  

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Not bad!   

And hey I'm a short shorts guy too. Stuck in the 80's so says my oldest kid.    Who the hell wants to wear shorts that go past their knees (Capri's)?  I ain't no basketball player.  

Please don't give the Ned credit though, that hurt.  Those fatties would have eaten a slider worm and you know it.  ☺

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16 minutes ago, Smalliebigs said:

Sweet fish Joe!!!! And personally I love the shorts and you aren't  even close to a jerk on this forum. ....some people  can't take honesty 

Kudos brother that Smallie is Phat

Hey!  I didn't say he was a jerk, I just said he tries to be one.  I bet he will own it too. 
I'd fish with him any day.

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