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Hard to believe,  this year will be the tenth year we have held this.  Everyone is welcome to come down and challenge me for bragging rights on the Capps!  So far no one has dethroned Buzz or I so come on!!  We will meet at the upper access which is right by Haskins Rd. or Drive.  Up by the Mill basically.  I drive a white Ranger and Buzz drives a Dodge so just look for us unless you get there before us.  We will start at 9:00 and fish until 12:00 or 12:30 depending on what time we all start.  No bait or plastics allowed, only artificial lures.  All C&R of course.  One of these days when we get enough people to show we will do a point system, but until then it has just been total fish caught and big fish bragging rights.  This will be on Sunday the 27th.  It has always been the Sunday after Thanksgiving due to my job.  Any questions just ask.

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Bump.  Just a reminder that this is going to happen this Sunday rain or shine.  Unless it is just pouring buckets down on us we will still have it.  Remember to meet up by the Mill over by Haskins Ln or Rd.  There is a parking lot there we can use.

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