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Mobile Home Park (not RV) near Montauk?

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My family has owned a mobile home near Bennett Springs for many years (35+) and have become more and more upset with what Bennett and their current campground have become.

My simple question is:

Are there any mobile home parks near Montauk? My google searches haven't led anywhere and I am hoping to find a new spot in the next year or so that we can purchase a new home for.

Related question, does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) with any of the mobile home dealers in the area?


I will cross post this in the Current River section as well, feel free to delete if inappropriate.




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montaulk village is on the edge of the park, I was past it a week or so ago and there was a for sale sign posted pointing into the village, I don't rember the realator, you could search it. its on the old Sand Stone Inn road that runs out of the park

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