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Mobile Home Park (not RV) near Montauk?

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My family has owned a mobile home near Bennett Springs for many years (35+) and have become more and more upset with what Bennett and their current campground have become.

My simple question is:

Are there any mobile home parks near Montauk? My google searches haven't led anywhere and I am hoping to find a new spot in the next year or so that we can purchase a new home for.

Related question, does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) with any of the mobile home dealers in the area?


I will cross post this in the Montauk section as well, feel free to delete if inappropriate.




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I don't know of any mobile parks in the area. The Mobile dealer in Salem is fairly new. There was another dealer in the same location that closed their doors a few years ago, and then this operation sprung up a year or two later.

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19 minutes ago, Gavin said:

I'm not aware of any mobile home parks in the area either, but you might look for an existing lot in Montauk Village..just up the hill from the park on the eastern side.


The folks that own Curt's mobile homes in Salem are the same folks that owned Rightway homes.

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There are some lots out by the airport, I don't know if they are for rent.  Just mobile homes stacked in.

There are several properties for sale going into the park also, may be picked up for the right price.  A nice little property was for sale last year, we stopped and looked at it during a rainout road trip.  It was the house that sported an obnoxious Democrat with a Dick Cheney doll out front for several years. 

It may be worth a road trip to look at the property.  Last trip out I did notice a piece that may be reasonable on the way to Licking out of the park.

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