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I hit the Gasconade for the last few hours of light Friday evening and caught fifteen. Three were smallies and the rest were kentuckies. Nothing to write home about for size, but it was fun. My first cast produced the best fish of the trip, a smallie that was almost 17". Water was 40-42 degrees. They were eating a ned rig best, but I lost the two that I had handy right away and had to resort to a jig. They didn't eat it nearly as well as the NED, but I did catch a few on it.




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I didn't think anything of it until I got out my finesse box and couldn't find my glue. I swore I had bought some fresh glue this summer, but I must have taken it out and used it for something else and then forgot to put it back. Without the glue, I had to reset the bait every cast and it just wasn't working out very well for me. Oh well. I will be more prepared next time.

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17 minutes ago, mzrealfish said:

I'm glad this was a fishing post.  I was afraid you were going to report that a QuikTrip opened up on the Gasconade river.  They're popping up everywhere else.


Great looking fish.  Congrats 

I could get me a cup of coffee and a fresh donut on the water if that was the case!

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5 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

Everybody knows that the Ned doesn't catch fish.:D

I've always downplayed it in the warmer months due to the lack of fish quality, but it is definitely one of my favorite winter baits.

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