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Looking for good new fishing holes

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The other day I was fishing with a friend, and we were pounding a wintering pool on the Meramec that I know lots of people know about.  We were catching some fish on a tough day--this hole always seems to produce a few fish.  The subject got around to how many people know about it, and whether we should tell about it on a message board.  But it struck me that not EVERYBODY knows about it.  Why publicize it, even though it's well-known, and let other people in on it that might not otherwise know about it.  There may be 100 people that know about one of my favorite holes already, but if I publicize it and one other person learned about it, that 101st person might be the one who happens to be a lawbreaker and takes a pile of fish out of it, or maybe he just happens to be the one that shows up on the day I'm planning on fishing it and hogs the pool :)

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I remember when this board used to show the number of views a post got.

It was a real eye opening experience to see just how many people looked at the thread and didn't reply.

Internet scouting has been, and is, a real dealio.

I've done it myself:ninja: but I wouldn't tell anyone where that spot is now either.:)


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