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2/9/17 trip report

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Carried another load o crap to Bluff property. I threw my Coosa in the back of the truck after I unloaded and headed back to Baxter county to grab rods etc. 

everything takes more time then I wanted, but I eventually got on the water a few minutes after 1:30. I knew they were turning on the water btw 4 and 5 PM. I had my wife meet me at the confluence at 17:30

I paddled from QP down into Ling Hole before makkng my first cast. Unusual amount of restraint for me, but I knew I had to manage my time well. 

I csught several really nice fish at the beginning of the catch and release. Lost what I believe was s pretty nice Brown. Barbless. 

Dropped down into the pool with McClellands and things got really interesting. The numbers were not off the charts, but the size was. I hooked and after a lengthy fight landed the biggest Rainbow I have ever caught. Alone with no net and an active desire to not injure The she beast. I didn't want to put her on rocks or in my yak. It was large enough I tried to grab her above her tail and get my phone out. She found s second when and shook free and shook the hook too. 

Kept catching until a boat worked its way up from below. Time to move down anyway. Next spot down I caught several more XL bows and then got a beast Cuttie. Fought hard. I got a photo eventually. 

Eased along and caught another big bow and another big Cutt. Dropped below Otter Creek and caught nice Cutts on back to back casts. WTH? 

Kept an eye on the clock, worked my way along. Caught a 13 inch Brown. Caught a 10 inch Bonneville Cutt. 

Got to my takeout at 5:29. I got 40 trout to hand. Lost 10 others I had hooked. Tremendous short trip. 


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53 minutes ago, Ham said:

The Cutts were on fire. I caught st least 6 of them which is a lot for a 4 hour trip


16 hours ago, Ham said:

Caught a 10 inch Bonneville Cutt

Pretty cool! congrats on a great trip. I'm pretty excited to hear that you caught a Bonneville as well as the more common snake river subspecies. Would love to have one in the net. We'll see how thing turn out, but would love to get back down the Norfork to catch some more cutthroats as well as get redemption on the brookies. 

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