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      Hey you all,

 The BilletHead has a question. As some of you know I help Reel Recovery. A retreat for men that have, or in remission or that have been cured of cancer. The Missouri retreat is is coming up in April. We are short on participants. Have three committed and we need a solid seven to make it fly.This is free to these men. Men unlike the women are somewhat hesitant to apply. It isn't in our DNA to think we may need to do things like this. I have reached out to some I know of on the forums asking if they might like to attend. So do any of you that have thought you may like to attend? I for one have seen what it can do for them. Have seen in more of a personal respect what a program like this did for Mrs. BilletHead in the Women's retreat (Reeling and Healing) that has seemed to go the way of the dinosaur now here in Missouri because of funding. We that help are all volunteers and not on any payroll. We make the time and our way over to help. So please if anyone may like to attend or even donate no matter how little think about it. You can PM me or I will provide a link so that you can see about the program and you can ask questions there also. Thanks fellow OA members and if you do a donation please earmark it for the Missouri retreat. Arkansas retreat if you must :) . Shameless plug I know. Please do not hold it against me,

  The BilletHead


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