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Do you have i-Pilot?

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I got a Powerdrive V2 last year with I Pilot and love it, especially the spotlock!  I bought a "reconditioned one off the Cabela's website.  Saved about $300 and it was just like new!  I did have to adjust the latch collar and file down the Deploy-Assist Lever some so I could lower and raise the motor.  Every Powerdrive I've look at, last year and this, at my local Bass Pro have had the same problem with the Deploy-Assist Lever and latch collar.  The Deploy-Assist Lever is a tad too long and won't release from the latch collar.  Took me less then 5 minutes with a file to fix the problem.  My spotlock will hold within about five feet, even in a pretty good wind.  Lot's of good i Pilot videos on YouTube .


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I have a 1st gen I-Pilot Terrova. I rarely use the foot pedal.The need for I-Pilot kind of depends on how you fish. I usually troll bouncers with mine and occasionally crank baits. I use the save a track function and  select heading function much more than the spot lock. If you vertical jig a lot, the spot lock may not hold tight enough, I don't know as I don't fish that way much. For casting cranks for bass the same functions should work well. You can raise the trolling motor and not lower it in the water to save a track while motoring with your outboard if you desire. Let the boat drive itself while you fish. On a side note, the new Ulterra and Ultrex trolling motors with I-Pilot Link seem to be popular, so there may be some used I-Pilot Terrova's listed for sale at much cheaper then new prices if a guy is willing to wait and shop around. 


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