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Ben Gillispie

3-6 and 3-7 Around Docks at Indian Point

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Yea, laugh it up... I've been fishing either from the dock or from my kayak around the docks and on the two points at the mouth of the cove Indian Point Marina sits in... 

This report is good for anyone who doesn't have a boat or access to one on a regular basis. 

They're gobbling up my smoke grub on a 1/4 oz head. Around the docks, I pitch it, give it a 20-25 second count, then let it fall back to me, in effect swimming back to vertical under my rod. The Kentuckies just hammer it. 

I caught fish from 15' just off bottom to however deep my 1/4 with a grub on it would fall after 25 seconds over 60' of water. 

Fun times, even for a mostly land locked guy like me. 

Temps at Indian point show 52 today on the sensors. 

Caught close to 30 fish over the 2 days just taking breaks from working from my PC.









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awesome Ben . . . especially from the perspective of a fellow-kayaker . . . I'm afraid if these FANTASTIC FISH-CATCHING REPORTS keep coming in from you and Quill, the banks are going to look like OPENING DAY AT MO TROUT PARKS!!!

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