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Fishing Report 1/8 Rockaway

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I took my youngest daughter down to Rockaway yesterday afternoon and the bite was on. It was a steady bite on decent stocker rainbows despite the strong winds. We fished night crawlers, bubble gum power eggs, and a combo of one power egg and half a crawler. The straight power eggs outfished everything. Only one short bite on the crawler and nothing at all on the combo.

I would say the fish may have been stocked recently as they seemed to be schooled up and hugging the bank. Fish were caught from a straight under the dock to a short pitch in front. No need for really long cast. We caught one sucker on power eggs but couldn't get a bite on the crawler. We did see a couple of other suckers caught on red worms. I'll be picking some up when I go down there again.

If anyone knows where the carp are hiding I would like to get into a few. I like to C&R them on light tackle.

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Thanks for the report. I may come down that way fishin in the next few days. I wouln't mind catchin some Taney Sucker myself.

The most carp I have gotten into around here has been on Pomme at the boat dock in the state park. I was up there looking for some 'gills when I started catching Carp. I caught eleven in about 3 hours on my ultra light; one weighted about 25 lbs. Took almost 30 min to land him. What a blast.

Whole Wheat and Cheddar Cheese crackers with just enough olive oil to make a good firm dough ball.


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