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Alley Spring to Van Buren

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Planning to get on tomorrow 7 am ish...

Pictures to follow.  Going to be a frigid start but I can't wait!   Been going crazy for weeks.  2 guys, 2 dogs and hopefully lots of catch and release bass.

Hi Def craws rigged and ready to conquer.


Stay tuned...





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So it's only Friday at 2:54 pm and I'm posting from KC again which means something went wrong. 


We got on the Jack's Fork at about 8:30 am Thursday.   Crisp, cool 38° but we were prepared for that.  Everything went well above Eminence.  There was a tree down above the bridge that cutoff 85% of the river.  Kevin made it fine.  I didn't want to risk it with the dog up front.  I paddled into the bank and lifted some branches to push the canoe through.  No problem. 

To this point we had fished a bit but it was still quite cold and no sun showing.  I caught 2 on the HD Craw.  Both were deep in the branches in slack water...right where I like em.


About a mile down from the bridge we pulled over to stretch.  Kevin left a rooster tail dangling over the side of his canoe and  about 30 seconds later it was double buried in Rory's armpit.  We looked to snip it and try an extraction but figured out quickly that wasn't going to work.  Rory was fine and not licking the 1 exposed hook so I called my guy and had him take our car to 2 rivers.


We paddled nonstop through some prime fishing spots.  Got to the car, loaded up and out and drove to vet's office in Mountain View.  The 3 ladies there took very good care of Rory and he's all better now. 


Canoe trips moving forward will be sans dog.  My wife is not very happy right now.  Bummer






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Wife might be unhappy now, but the dog will really be upset when you leave him home next trip. Look at him in the front of the boat, loving every minute of it!  

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I was just telling the story to my brother.  I came to a realization.  When we pulled over, I took Rory's life jacket off, so he could be a dog for a few minutes.


Had I not taken it off, the hooks probably would have sunk into his life jacket.  Dang!

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