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Middle Meramec report

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Tried something different this week.  Typically I run up to a spot that I've caught fish from before, burn through it one time with whatever lures seem appropriate for the temps and season and then move to the next spot, rinse and repeat.  Since it seems like the smallies are transitioning towards spawning areas I thought I would select a few larger pools with good ripples above and below and pound them mercilessly until I either caught something or my arms fell off.

  For the first section I selected a place that I've never done very well at just to see what happens.  It's a well known spot with a short bluff on one side and grass bank on the other, with typical gravel bar and back eddy at the top and gravel bar backwater at the bottom, maybe 300 yds total. 

I started off at the bottom of the run working up the bluff with a crankbait, nothing.  Switched sides to the grass and tossed a jerk bait and picked up two small spots off of some logs.  Back to the bluff side with the jerkbait, one 15" spot (or is it a hybrid?) in about 75 yds of big rocks.  

Hell with it where's the ned rig rod, I declare!  Staying with the bluff side I pick up three largemouth in a row all 13-16" by dragging it slowly along the bottom. Thinking I'm on to a pattern I continue the rest of the way up the bluff and get nothing.  I work my way back down stream alternating between the jerkbait and the ned on the grass side and get nothing. 

Back up the bluff I go again this time I'm going all in for the big boys that I know have to be there so I grab the HD craw and work over the same spots again this time changing the boat position Tight against the bluff and casting upstream and across to present different angles of attack.

the exact spot I caught the three LM at produced a decent SM on the craw. Repeated casts brought nothing else, switched the boat around to where I had it earlier on the grass side and threw the craw some more and picked up another LM.  Went back to the boat position where I caught the SM and caught another SM on the craw (little guy).  I went up the bluff the rest of the way and caught nothing else but drum.  Drum love the HD craw btw.  Kinda frustrating but exciting nonetheless!

i tried a few other places some fast water, a long stretch of deeper water with a bunch of downed trees and had almost nothing. 

i guess pounding a spot over and over can be productive or at least not spook the fish out as bad as I originally thought.  Can't say I had a better than average day but can't say it was worse either.  

Good luck to everyone!



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Sweet report man....trial and error is a necessity for victory.

I'm fishing so little it's causing psychological problems for me.

Good for you Mr. Hollow

I'm hoping you find some time to test out that new kayak you picked up, I've been waiting to hear how you like it!  

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I'm fishing so little it's causing psychological problems for me.

Then what was causing your issues when you were fishing?:lol:


 I thought I would give him a break and leave this one alone. 


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