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Jacks advice

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The Girlfriend and I are wanting to float the Jacks this weekend for our first time ever(If the rain does not ruin it for us).  We have 2 floats we are considering and was hoping someone could point us in the right direction. 

We are considering either doing Bay Creek to Alley or Alley to Eminence.  I am fine with either, but I have heard the water can get a little harry above Alley.  

We are looking to fish a lot and have a few beers while we are doing it.  Any advice or insight into these 2 floats is greatly appreciated. 

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Not really much difference "hairyness-wise" between those two floats.  Once you get above Bay Creek it starts getting trickier.  Bay Creek to Alley is a little smaller water, but the riffles are mostly wide and shallow, with a few narrower ones with rocks. Bay Creek to Alley is prettier...bluffs are higher and you don't have the civilized water you find in the last three miles or so above Eminence.  Fishing probably won't be all that great either float.  Pay attention to the river gauges.  Ideal floating above Alley, in my opinion, is 150-250 cfs on the Mountain View gauge, 200-350 cfs on the Alley gauge, and no more than 700 cfs on the Eminence gauge.  Anything more than that and fishing will be tough because you'll be moving too fast.  Right now the flows look good.  

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