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Skeeter ZX190

4-11-2017 Fishing report

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Put in at Long Shoals at 11:30 am and headed toward the Big Tebo.  Started with a green craw wiggle wart and caught 1 white bass on a pea gravel main lake bank.  Switched to a spinnerbait and caught 2 more white bass.  Not what I was looking for so I went to a big cove and started at the mouth and headed toward the back fishing the wart. Tried 3 different colors of warts. No takers. About halfway back I switched to a ned in green pumpkin orange and started catching some largemouth.  All of them were in 2 to 8 feet of water.  Ended up with 45 total fish.  1 hybrid, 3 crappie, 5 white bass, 1 perch and 35 largemouth bass.  Only 3 of the bass were keeper length.  The hybrid ate a 1/16th ounce white grub.  I was looking for crappie and caught that one on a 5 1/2 foot light action rod with 4 lb test.  It was peeling some line.  Water temps were 59 to start and at the end of the day I found 63.5 degree water.  Not many boats out.  I was the last truck in the parking lot when I took out and the sun was still up.  


PS:  It was the hat.  :lol:





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