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Trip report May 6th & 7th

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Camped at State Park and beautiful conditions...for camping. Saturday 7am in SP, First off, my buddy nails a 4lb. Brown on trout x-rap before we even got off the ramp. Fishing was a little slow for what I am used to on the white. Same buddy gets another slightly smaller Brown on same x-rap and i was picking away at rainbows on every color jig I had. Never got a consistent bite going in morning . By lunch we had a really light box of fish, and took a break from 11:00-3:30 since the sun was so bright.  Afternoon was slightly better and we did good with jigs on the stretch just above Cane island on Marion side of river. 

Day two: Got to ramp a little earlier and fished SP with better results. Chunky rainbows were hungry and attacking Olive/ginger. Then the fun trip got even better. My 6yr. caught an 18" Brown on my TFO Rod. I was proud. He could work his jig better than most grow men we have invited over the years. My buddies think that we found the missing partner. lol. 

If you guys are headed to fish the white and it is going to be clear and sunny.....skip breakfast and get out as early as you can. You can circle back for food around 10:00 unless you can find a stretch of river in the shade. Both days fishing really slowed down by 9:30. 

Pictures to follow when I get back to office tomorrow 

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Excellent report. We had similar results on Sunday at the White. Fishing was much better from 7 to 11 around Rim than the rest of the day above Wildcat, by mid-afternoon it was basically casting practice.

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