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Phil Lilley

Bladder at Powersite Broken

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Just been informed that there's a bladder stuck in the down position on the top of Powersite's spill gate.  They think it's a airhose that's come off and they can't inflate the bladder.  This keeps the level of Taneycomo at it's "normal" level.  The bladders are deflated when they want to move more water through the lake at a lower level.  Under normal flows, the bladders are inflated to keep it at the high or normal level.

Bull Shoals will have to be dropped quite a bit before this repair happens.  When they do the work, they'll have to draw Taney down for the duration of the repair.  No telling when this will happen but it won't be for a while (weeks).  Until then, Taney will be running a little low and fast.  Most people won't even notice the difference.

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It's not as much BS getting down... it's when will they be able to shut Table Rock down to make the repairs.  That's going to be a while.

It took 3 weeks to get TR down from 934 to 927 feet and that's not dropping Beaver at all.  Now both are dumping at 20k cfs... more water in the system.  It's going to be well into August before these lakes see normal levels, if then.

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