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I was thinking Dog's Bluff to Boiling Spring. But yeah, I know everything got beat up pretty bad.. So was wondering how things were progressing.. I have been watching the flow charts and looks like things are starting to get back to normal flow. I did see the the Boiling Springs Resort folks are planning to get floaters in this weekend, i hope that means things are safe and getting back to normal (well other than the resort losing pretty much everything I don't think normal will be in their vocab for a minute).

Again thanks for any and all input..




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So changed plans a bit we floated from Slabtown to Rich's Last resort this past Friday /Saturday. Fishing Friday was fantastic. It seemed like we could not do anything wrong. plastics, jigs, spinnerbaits all worked well. We did not catch many big fish but lots of 12-14 inch smallies, some really nice goggs ( quite a few over 10), and a few large-mouth (my buddy did get one L-M around 16 inches). Sorry to say, I did not take a single picture all weekend.  The Fishing Saturday was tougher, we thought it was going to be pretty good after the rain, and slightly rising water, but it was much slower than Friday. Not sure if it was the difference in the stretch.. Friday was Slabtown to about horse-camp and was great the whole length; and Saturday was horse-camp to Rich's. Saturday ran into quite a few pleasure floaters and a bunch of fisherman all was well but most of them concurred that the bite was slower. 

The river did seem to be in pretty good shape, still some trees and brush in the water but nothing too rough. this was actually my first time ever on Big Piney and I really enjoyed it, I have deemed this the best kept secret in mid MO.. 


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