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BilletHead Fly rod Fries step by step build

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     How about some more painting and picture overload? 

 As some of you all know I use the copic marker system. By all means you do not have to use this! Cheap rattle cans of spray paint will work. Just harder to control the spray. We will work on my new favorite color. I think getting stuck on a favorite does more for the fisherman than the fish. Especially on top water baits. By this I mean it gives the thrower of the baits more confidence to stay with that color and throw it more. Gee wiz the fish see movement and react most of the time to feed. If they will hit bubblegum colored baits they will hit anything :) . We give fish bigger brains than they really have. So this one we will give a pattern by using a butterfly type netting stencil. Wrap it over your balsa bait and secure,


  Going to give a gray light color back so give it a shot,


  Dries fast, remove netting,


    I have been tweaking othe  types of markers to fit my copic sprayer. With these I give the sides a spritz of metallic blue and green,


   Then a sot of red in the throat area,


  Done with the sprayer I am going to make stripes on the back. A couple of drops of black acrylic cheap craft paint on something I then use a toothpick for a brush. Dip the tip in and make some dots on the back of your creation spaced out. Then use the toothpick to work paint into stripes. I know they are not perfect. I am not a human C&C machine and faults give it character,


    Then using the toothpick or another one of your stippling tools make a pattern on sloppy dots on the side. I touch the tip on the side and then slightly drag it,


   Eyes next like we did in the first bait we made. Gold and black,


     Epoxy later!

    Another one. Spray again. Green, yellow and orange,



    Going to darken the back with the netting and olive paint,


  More stippling with a tool. This did not go where I was hoping but it will work,



   Eyes to finish it up,


    I did also hit a spray of red in the throat area underneath, Will epoxy later. 

Maybe one more paint job before we epoxy? Here is where I get some inspiration for more patterns. I do tweak them for myself and hey I can't copy mass produced perfection. I keep telling you character, http://www.tacklecollecting.com/TinyTorpedoCOLORtestforPDF.pdf

  Why do I get stuck on a favorite color?

DSCF1128 - Copy.JPG

DSCF1135 - Copy.JPG

DSCF0989 - Copy.JPG

DSCF0991 - Copy.JPG

DSCF1011 - Copy.JPG


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    One more set of painting pictures and then we will epoxy these bunch up and finish this tutorial. This one will be short. First one will be a copy of one that worked well last season. Sized shorter and fatter. Side by side old and new model. Did the whole body in green, then netted and a shot of orange down the back,

1 (2).JPG

  Time for the stripes. Used the hair pick. Had to get creative holding it as to get the stencil close to the body bent the torqued the hair pick to follow the body,

2 (2).JPG

     Showing you this color works,

DSCF1694 - Copy.JPG

DSCF1698 - Copy.JPG

  Got the eyes on them. Here are the three painted. The one I just showed off and then a couple inspired from the link I showed in a previous post. Fluorescent Green Crawdad and a 60's to 70's throwback of a Yellow Coachdog. Looking pretty plain right now but the epoxy coating will really make them pop,


  Got to thinking how small could I go?


5 (2).JPG

   Sitting on a quarter. B 10s size #6. I have a very tiny prop for it. Made a smaller wire extension than for the larger ones. Hoping I left enough to get it crimped shut. Bet the big bluegills will be all over this one.  Have everything epoxied now. Have a few more photos to take and we will be done,


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3 hours ago, tho1mas said:

B.H. - Do you think a Dremel tool could be used to shape the balsa wood?


         Yes definitely and a big ten four. I use my dremel to dish or cup face my standard poppers. Problem is you can get carried away and before you know it you are holding a bare hook :) . Ask me how I know! Ha,


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