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5/30 Big changes,

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My Dad and I went down on Tuesday 6/6/17.  Beautiful day!  The park is loaded with fish due to the flooding.  I caught dozens  in  the span of a few hours, and kept the 4 biggest ones. Had to change how I perceive bites as now there are so many small ones literally everywhere.  The stream has changed, but as others have previously mentioned, it's a positive one and natural.    

Although I keep  fish, like BBYking, love going down there to relax and get away from the city.  Smallest 4 I've ever kept, but it was the BEST day down there I ever had. If they were bigger, my arm would have worn out in an hour.  The Superintendent said that probably one in four will survive to next year, and next year may be a fantastic year for fishermen. 

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I read in the MDC weekly report that they had resumed stocking in ALL areas of the parks. Addressing a large amount of small trout in the stream I think it would be plausible to implement some temporary bag limits to encourage the removal of some of those small fish. If they expect many of them to die anyway they may as well allow some to be removed. Say a six fish limit with two that must be under 9 inches. Just for the remainder of the season.


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