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Lake of the Ozarks Open Buddy Bass Tournament- Camden County Bass'rs

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I could not figure out how to attach this using my iPad, so I just copied and pasted it for you to see. Join us at Lake of the Ozarks for a night of bass fishing fun. 







Saturday June 17, 2016

8:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M.



ENTRY FEE $110.00

(80%) PAYBACK OF $100.00








Minimum 15" Length Limit On All Species



Boat positions Determined by Entry



Questions? Call

Brandon Hecker 573-480-2664



Make Checks Payable to 



May Enter at PB#2 Ramp (No Late Fee)


RULES:  The following rules for the 2017 Camden County Bass'rs Open Buddy Bass Tournament will be adhered to.  Any violations of the rules in any respect will be cause for immediate disqualification.  The tournament committee will interpret the rules and all decisions will be made final.  


ELIGIBILITY:  Any male or female 18 years of age or older with a valid Missouri fishing license.  Less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent or responsible adult. 


ENTRY FEES:  Total entry fee will be $110.00 per team and may be paid in advance or at the PB#2 boat ramp.  There will be no late fee.  


TOURNAMENT HOURS:  Saturday, June 17, 2017 from 8:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M.  Weigh-in begins at 7:10 A.M.


BOATS AND MOTORS:  Boats must be 16 feet in length with at least a 20 HP motor, kill switch and aerators must be fully operational. 


PERMITTED FISHING LOATIONS:  Anywhere outside the No Wake Buoys in the PB#2 Cove.  All contestants must remain in boat when fishing.  There will be no fishing allowed from the shoreline, on boat docks or from piers. Absolutely no live bait allowed during tournament hours.


SCORING:  Five (5) fish limit per boat of any largemouth, spotted bass (Kentucky) or smallmouth bass 15 inches or longer.  Total stringer weight will determine place.  Any dead fish presented at weigh-in will cause a one- (1) pound deduction per dead fish from the total stringer weight.  If the big fish is dead, this will cause a one- (1) pound deduction from the weight of the big fish when weighing for big fish.  Any fish under 15 inches presented at the weigh-in will cause a two (2) pound deduction from the total stringer weight and loss of the short fish.  Decision of Tournament Committee are Final.  NO EXCUSES.     


CULLING:  Please cull fish outside the PB#2 buoys.


TIES: Early entry will break tie for heavy stringer and heavy stringer will break tie for big bass.


TRUTH VERIFICATION: Each contestant participating in the Camden County Bass'rs Open Buddy Bass Tournament will be subject to a polygraph or voice stress test at the discretion of the tournament committee.  Anyone failing or refusing to take the polygraph test will be disqualified immediately and banned from participating in further Camden County Open Buddy Bass Tournaments.   


LATE PENALTY: One (1) pound deduction per minute from total stringer weight up to five (5) minutes then disqualification.  Contestants must check in at the designated check-in-station.  NO EXCUSES


PAYBACK:  80% payback of $100.00 and 100% payback of $10.00 for 1st Big Bass (70%) and 2nd Big Bass (30%) payback 


SAFETY & SPORTSMANSHIP:  All contestants must meet Missouri State Water Patrol and Missouri State Conversation rules and regulations.  Life jackets will be worn when boat is on plane, aerators must be operational, the kill switch will be used when big motor is running, and navigational lights must be operational.  No consumption of alcohol, illicit drugs, or narcotics will be allowed during tournament hours.


RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY: The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse or accept entry fees from anyone deemed necessary.  Note: If anyone failed or refused to take a polygraph test requested by another fishing circuit in the last 12 months that person will be refused entry to participate in future Camden County Bass'rs Open Buddy Bass Tournaments. 


We have read and understand the rules set forth by the tournament committee.  By signing this form, we hereby waive and release the Camden County Bass'rs Tournament committee, sponsors and all participating contestants from any and all claims of injury or damage in connection with this tournament and that the boater acknowledges having current and up to date liability boat insurance.  


Boaters Name ___________________________________________    SSN  ________ ____ ________


Address    ___________________________________________________ State ____ Zip __________


Signature ____________________________________________  Tele# _________________________


Buddy’s Name ___________________________________________   SSN _________ ____ _______


Address _____________________________________________________ State ____ Zip _________


Signature_______________________________________________  Tele# _____________________

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