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Mason Bridge to Rich's Last Resort

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So we got on about noon on Friday and finished Sunday about noon.   The river was moving fast but water color was great.

There was massive flood damage throughout most of the trip and in certain areas apparently a tornado had hit a couple of days after the flood had subsided.  All said and done, we had 2 dicey runs.  The 1st was at an island.   The main channel appeared to have a tree down across the entire width of the river.  Current was strong enough that we knew we couldn't get down to investigate and get back up if it was blocked.  We chose to float, drag through the off channel side.  It was cumbersome with 2 fully loaded canoes but was definitely the safe decision and we never questioned our decision.

The 2nd we had no choice but to run it.  It was at least an s-curve...felt like a double or triple.  Both of us float with the Spring Creek Outriggers so we are sluggish and wide loads.  We made it to the last downed tree relatively unscathed but Kevin got tied up in the last tree.  I fortunately cut wide enough on the bend prior, so I was able to push outside of him and hit the run.

Fishing was good Friday, better on Saturday and then I got shutout on our 4 mile float on Sunday.  Kevin had success on Texas rigged hula grubs and craws in watermelon or green pumpkin and caught a few on fluke shad.  I had the majority of my catches on green and brown jigs trailing a green pumpkin slider and a texas rigged 4 inch green pumpkin "senko imposter".  I also caught a few on a 1/2 oz. white rooster tail and white and black 3/8 oz. Willow spinner.  Nothing big but tons of action and all very healty fish. 

The guys at Rich's were very good to us and were busy with flood cleanup when we showed up and when we got back.  They will be at it for a long time.  Here are a few photos from the trip.  

We can't wait to get back out as soon as possible. 













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