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Still a good flipping bite

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At the risk of continued damage to my reputation...

Bushes, spindly trees, anything else you can flip at. 5-8' is about right most places, with a few fish roaming outside the bushes. The occasional brown fish will show up full of hatred too.

Better in warmer water, better with a little wind. Bait has to be close by. Presentation is pretty casual. Just keep it wet without great concern over precision.


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17 hours ago, dtrs5kprs said:


He's making that up.  I know for a fact that every single morning he runs from KC up to a couple of little pockets past Holiday Island and then fabricates this story about never even starting the big motor.

That's what he is alright - a fabricator.

A big, flipping, fish catching fabricator.


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20 minutes ago, gurumalone said:

thank you ,that bait looks like it could used flipping,carolina  rig

It's a flipper for sure. Skips well. Elaztech, so it takes some abuse to tear it up. Can run it on a jig after the head wears out.

Doesn't cast well. Throws like a waffle. That might limit use on a rig or swing head.

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