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Great Fathers Day Weekend of Fishing

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Somehow convinced my wife that Fathers Day starts Friday evening and goes right on through Sunday. I got 2 kitchen passes without a lot of fuss and hit Prairie Creek Friday evening and this (Sunday) evening.  Found a lot of baitfish close to the wind blown banks Friday and caught 4 good LMB, one 17" Smallie and 3 keeper Eyes. All on a deep diver crank, shad pattern, and the magic depth was 20 fow. Different wind direction this evening but applied the same strategy for awhile...kept it at 20 fow, same cranks...nothing. From 7-8:30pm I fished a 3-5ft depth crank...still a shad pattern, kept my lure in 8-12 fow and that was the ticket. Caught my best LMB of the year at 5.5lbs and 3 others between 2 and 3 lbs...at least 3 more "pounders". That was the most action I've had for an hour and a half worth of work this year. Oh, and never left PC, no reason to. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

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