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Bill and I started at 10 am at the cable. We're experimenting with some ideas- it will be an article someday. We only took our spin rods- I had a Falcon 5'5" spin rod with a Pfluger President reel with 2 lb line. Bill had a 6 ft rod for throwing and a 7 ft rod for jig-n-float.

We each caught 16 rainbows before we got to outlet 2- most of Bill's were on a olive micro jig under a float 2-3 feet deep and mine came on a 1/16th oz black marabou jig, no float. I'll let Bill elaborate on his fishing later... he's not feeling well and went home early (caught too many crappie yesterday and got wore out).

I had fun trying different retrieving techniques using the jig. I tried fast and slow, ripping it and crawling it on the bottom and a slow retrieve was clearly the best. I had the usual crowd of rainbows at my feet so I experiemented with them a bit. Flipping it out 6-7 feet from me and jiggling it while in the gravel, I had one rainbow come back 7 times looking at it. the 8th time he acted like he was "tasting" it with his mouth, not taking it. then the 9th time he turned his head sideways and picked it up. Cool beans!

I had to hold the rod almost straight up and just work the tip of the rod to get the action I wanted. I didn't move the rod much at all while working it either downstream at a 45 degree angle to straight downstream.

We broke for lunch and when we returned, Bill went home to rest and I started below outlet #2. the wind had picked up and the temp dropped- I had to change my retrieve. I either had to cast straight downstream with the wind or alittle to the sides. The strikes were harder but I missed more than the earlier session. I don't mind the wind it I'm using a heavier jig but the light jig was hard to control and feel the strike. I caught 6 more rainbows and 3 browns before calling it a day just above the rebar shoot.

I'm going to finish this another day.






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