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Salt Trout in Clearwater

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Family and I just returned from 2 weeks in Florida.  Spent a few days in Clearwater before doing the Disney thing...

Never got to fish the surf, but hit the pier there a few nights.  Saw some nice snook being caught, but never got hooked up.  Did catch a few trout free lining live shrimp and one on a gotcha plug.

I've fished Florida a bit, but these were my first trout down there crossing Florida off my trout state list. 

Caught croakers, catfish, pinfish, greenbacks a plenty.  Dolphins all over the place too, and they were cruising the pier and stealing fish.  Got broke off twice on what were likely sharks, and saw a huge Ray get caught as well.

Sorry not allot of pics.  Fished mostly at night by myself this go around.  Have Louisiana up next in a week and then a week after that will be back to Panama City Beach where we have a shark trip planned.  I'm about done with sand and humidity at this point. :)



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