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Busted Squirrel Hunt?

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I took the day off on Weds to get outdoors in the morning and to get some work done around the house. I headed out to a local piece of national forest land. I had hunted this property and always seem to find the squirrels. One thing that was certain was that the multiflora roses were definitely in full force. If I hunt here later this fall may have to bring the machete and cut back a bunch of these roses. There were also a bunch of black raspberry bushes each with a fair number of red and ripe black berries. I wasn't on a foraging trip, but did keep my eyes open for any interesting mushrooms. I hit several of the spots that I would normally see squirrels, but the woods were quiet. The only noise or game seen was a couple of turkeys that I bumped a couple of times. This area is criss-crossed with deep dry creeks. Once I saw this it became a mushroom hunt from that point forward.


Since we haven't had a good rain in several days the mushrooms were a little dry. But still plentiful.


Called my wife to see if she wanted to get out again and look for more mushrooms. Headed home and then we were both back out looking. We found plenty of chanterelles in some of our old haunts. Also found plenty of berries to keep thing interesting. No new mushrooms and we only bumped one squirrel on our foraging trip (no shot).


So even though the squirrel hunting was a bust, we had a good time foraging the MO forests. Though I do need some protein to go with these mushrooms ;).

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