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The closest ramp I know of to HHT is "Der'vater's Edge" (5.00).  Once you round the bend above the spring cove it gets flat and shallow real quick.   Until you learn where the channel is you'll have to shut down before the first island, within sight of the vineyard.

Once you know where the channel is, and where the shallow humps are at you can run up another mile or so from the island.

Be sure to take a couple of these...http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Strike_King_KVD_Sexy_Frog/descpage-SKKVDSF.html 

Turn the frog upside down and trim the skirts/legs even with his eyeballs, then slap a split ring on his nose, and bend the hooks outward and upward. 👍😋 He'll walk real sexy and you'll hook 95% of your bites.  

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Wave or stop by and say Hi, I'm right across from Ha Ha Tonka. I'll probably be in the yard roofing my shed. Wrench is correct as usual about flat and shallow although past the island you will see a bluff bank where the channel deepens again. We regularly run bass boats and pontoons all the way up to the first river riffles, but it does take some experience. I've not seen much catching up there this season except the catfish guys and a few skilled walleye guys. The whites and hybrids don't seem to be in the river now. Good Luck and don't try to go right of the island.

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