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44 minutes ago, crittermo said:

thanks shrapnel, i will see if they come to the northshore area.

what i would really like to do is replace it myself, has anyone ever replaced the 4 inch

bushings on their own lift? it looks to be only 3 bolts to remove the A arm but i don't know if i can

just remove the one A arm that i need to work on or if i have to unbolt both of the rear arms to

be able to get one side off. 

I have done my own work and it can be tricky as you don't realize the force of the buoyancy of that tank.  I would recommend a pro but if you decide to tackle things yourself you need to make sure the tank is SECURED and can neither come up, down, or tilt when you take something loose - if it does things can go bad fast.  Been there, fought that, survived.


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thanks mike,

i'm working on the rear arm, do i need to take both rear arms loose to remove the single arm

or can i just remove the one arm by itself?

i just watched the first 2 episodes of OZARK on netflix, I guess I should be happy that I can count to ten

and spell my name after seeing that i'm just some dumb hillbilly........

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