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Another Beaver Creek Micro

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When I was trying for an Ozark Slam, I noticed a different colored topminnow in the mix of the northern studfish. I talked with some folks on whether those fish might be plains topminnows and received a seems likely and they are known to be in that creek system. After fishing Bennett Springs and the Niangua earlier in the morning, I headed to Beaver creek to try for these topminnows. This topminnow is a smaller fish than the studfish. They are also more olive in color, have a slight orange coloration in their fins, and a yellow stripe running from the dorsal fin to the head of the fish. The yellow stripe is readily seen and made it simple to differentiate them from the studfish. I hooked the first fish that I tried to catch. I got it into my camera bag and it jumped out as I was filling the bag with water. So no photo :(. I made several attempts at landing another fish. I pulled several right out of the water without getting a hook set. I even saw a pair spawning and pulled both of them from the water. Once they had that experience they shied away from the bait. The problem was that for every 5 to 10 studfish there were only two of these topminnows. Also they were much more skittish to my movements to position myself near enough to engage them with the bait. Finally I got another one hooked and into the bag.

Plains Topminnow (2) - Beaver Creek - 30Jul17.jpg

Here's one shot that shows the yellow stripe on it's back.

Plains Topminnow (3) - Beaver Creek - 30Jul17.jpg

This trip was worth the extra time to head to Rolla on my "way" home from Lebanon just to catch this new species. I wish that it had been a "supermale", which is fish with a bluish body and deep orange fins. I'll have to keep looking for that guy :)!

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