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Mark Cooper

Walleye fishing Help??

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23 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

I "think" I can tell the difference between Hybrid Stripers and Whites, whether baked or fried, but it may just be the thickness of the strips and the way they cook @400° .  I enjoy eating the whites more, but that may just be because I only know how to cook fish 2 ways (baked in foil or a covered aluminum pie pan, or fried in a cast iron skillet). 

Whites are short lived (4-6 years Max), spend almost all of their time away from the shoreline and away from the bottom.  Something tells me they are the healthiest of all fish to eat, but I have no idea if there is anything to that or not.

I prefer to broil walleye, fry or sauté crappie for fish tacos, broil hybrids/stripers, fry white bass for sandwiches, and will occasionally blacken a smallish blue/flathead or fry up a mess of big bluegill.  I pretty much stay away from bottom feeders.

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